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My Father's Voice

2003 Florida College Alumni Chorus

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About This Collection

Glenda Schales' hymns reflect an "obsession" with God's Word. Whether praising Him, teaching the Story, extolling the Gospel's themes, or confronting life's contrary issues, her hymns always demonstrate a common origin: God speaking through His Word and the deep personal faith which flows from that.

Listening to her Father's voice, she writes every hymn to reflect the words of a specific text of scripture. One gets the feeling that her heart is so full of the Word that the beautiful lyrics and harmonies bubble up from her soul, touching all who sing them. the 2003 Alumni Chorus is honored to produce twenty-seven of Glenda's songs. We believe that all who listen will be edified and inspired.

Through she has written a multitude of spiritual songs, her concern for not being prideful has led her not to keep count. In this CD, she wanted little to be said about herself but insisted that the credit be given to Matt Bassford, Sarah Fuhrman, and Richard Morrison for their help with music or lyrics in some of the hymns.

Glenda is a 1969 graduate of Florida College. She worships with the Kleinwood church of Christ in Spring, Texas, and teaches music at Kaiser Elementary School in Houston. In addition to her many hymns, Glenda has written and illustrated Through the Bible With Songs, a collection of sixty-six songs that begins in Genesis and goes all the way through Revelation. she also is an instructor at the annual summer Singing School directed by R.J. Stevens in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

Songs On This CD

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1. My Father's Voice
2. For You Have Promised
3. We Are One
4. Almighty In Wonder
5. The Cost
6. The Word In Me
7. Come King of Kings
8. He Carried My Sorrows
9. Softly, So Softly
10. Be Still
11. Joy of a Servant
12. Let Me Tell You
13. Arise, Your Savior Has Come
14. Magnify, Oh Magnify!
15. When I Call My God
16. He Will Strongly Support You
17. I will Wake The Dawn With Praises
18. Father, Forgive
19. One In Him
20. Be Strong And Courageous
21. Into Thy Hands
22. My Voice Shall Sing To You
23. Healing In Its Wings
24. Let Us Arise And Build Jerusalem
25. They Watched Him There
26. The Way Of Holiness
27. Search Me Oh God
Alumni Chorus 2003

Directed By:
James "Dudy" Walker

Melinda Bean
Bob Bennett
Kristi Bennet
Leslie Castellanos
Becky Cawthon
Hope Chandler
Luke Chandler
Melanie Chandler
Royce Chandler
Nick Chapman
Jeanie Christopher
Lanette Coburn
Steve Coburn
Nathan Collier
Reba Cook
Janette Cunningham
Robby Davis
Larry Dickens
Mary Dickens
Patrick Farish
Joe Finney
Mark Finney
Doug Focht
Joan Focht
Kelli Gilchrest
Bill Grant
Mary Ann Grant
Ken Guthery
Kim Harbaugh
Jamey Hinds
Linda Hinds
Ray Hinds
Frank Jamerson
Joyce Jamerson
MarySue Jordan
David Lopez
Laura Lopez
Meladie Mann
Tom Mann
Teri Morgan
Jeremy Murrell
Doug Northcutt
Janice Nowlin
Joyce Payne
Marilyn Payne
Arleen Pope
Margaret Provines
Betsy Ray
Holly Reynolds
Scott Richardson
Jan Romkey
R.J. Stevens
Rod Summers
Linda Umber
Grady Walker
Nancy Wilsher
Res Wilsher
Steve Wilsher
Cheryll Witherington

Produced By:
Ron Powell, Vista Audio Productions

Tech. Assistance:
Marc Hinds

Original Cover Art:
Daniel Mantilla

David Lopez

Lyrics Typing:
Laura Lopez

Forward By:
Royce Chandler

Special Thanks To:
Glenda Schales
Mathew Bassford
Sara Fuhrman
Richard Morrison

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